Enrolment Information

How to Enrol? It’s a Simple and Easy 3-step Process:

1. Download our 2019 Application Form (refer to download button below- on the left)

2. Fill out and complete the document. 

3. Scan and Upload the completed Form on the link found below (on the right) or alternatively email the completed documents to paul@gotalent.co.za

Please note that we now accept Video Audition Submissions via. WhatsApp on 076 379 8555 (During Business Hours ONLY)

Importance Information to Note!

As an Artist and Talent Management agency, we only wish to work with models and talent that are committed to working with us on a professional level and are willing to do the required work that will take them further into the industry! 

Please take note and read this information before contacting us!

• The signed talent that are on our books should offer reliable, quality responses and present to us in a professional manner that we can promote on their behalf.
* We DO NOT SIGN anyone who is not up to our international level standard, or anyone who has not been studying or receiving education in a recognized discipline within the industry.
* We DO NOT seek quick fame and fortune – we only wish to work with individuals who have the values of passion, enthusiasm and are hard-working driven and disciplined.
* Our ARTISTS should be able to understand what the client requires and be able to step up to the mark, every time.
• Our TALENT should be able to read and understand requirements for a brief thoroughly and carefully and be able to respond in a professional manner, ready to work.

In short, the on-going growing relationship that we develop and maintain with our signed talent and our clients is of paramount importance. The AGENCY only approves applications from talent and models who can prove they have received (or are receiving) proper and relative education.
We work together as one unit so we prefer to consider someone who is reliable, responsive and are suitably aligned to our values to help us meet our overall objective of bringing benefit to everyone involved in the process as well as the industry.  


    • We need current high quality photos with up to date sizes/specs.
    • Professional appearances and reliability regarding attendance at castings, availability for the shoot dates etc; is imperative in the industry. Our artists and models should offer reliable, quality responses and present to us in a professional manner that we can then promote. 
    • Being reliable regarding attendance at castings, availability for the shoot dates etc; is imperative.
    • If you do not have professional recent photographs, we are able to build a photo-shoot with you, at reasonable cost – but we cannot proceed with your application until such time as we have proper decent professional pics of you!
    • We do not compromise on quality and professionalism, and we expect our performing artists and models to do the same!

Likewise – we are a legal, professionally aligned talent management agency and will therefore only be able to take you on board  our ship should you have a South African Revenue Service TAX Number!

Our legal Talent Representation Agreement is in place for a reason – and all terms and conditions of acceptance into our agency will be explained and openly and transparently provided to you.

You can also visit our social media links to find out a bit more about us and the work we do before contacting us so you can be sure to understand how a proper approach will bring the required results and response from us – and from the clients we work with!

 If you are ready for the work, then we are ready to work with you.

Contact Us


Should you have any questions, please ask!

Our general e-mail address is castings@gotalent.co.za

Our talent managers will respond as soon as possible and as soon as they are available –

please be patient with them.

Be The Professional you are working on becoming!

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